Maruti Suzuki Updates Its Tour Range of Vehicles

Publish On: 17 Mar, 2020 12:52 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

MUMBAI: The Indian automobile sector is already suffering as the Coronavirus outbreak has taken over the world by a storm. During this time, LCVs or the Light Commercial Vehicles have started slowly catching the public eye. Maruti Suzuki has found the way to make vehicles seem approachable by the simple idea of omitting the fancy features from the vehicles,  making them functional for daily commute purposes and putting an affordable price. The company introduced a tour range of its vehicles based on the same phenomenon.

The LCV range from Maruti Suzuki came into being from the year 2016. The new range turned out to be extremely successful as the company attained an upscale growth of 240% in sales. The company after cracking the code through their range of tour models has now come to introduce cargo vans and people carrier space. The tour range by Maruti Suzuki is divided into 5 categories, Tour H1 is a version of Alto 800, but in a form of a taxi. Tour H2 is Celerio, Tour S features previous generation Dzire models, Within Tour V there is Eeco Cargo and Mini Van and Tour M has generation Ertiga's base variant. Along with all the models, the company will also offer Super Carrier LCV.

Shashank Shrivastava, who is the executive director representing marketing and sales under Maruti Suzuki India Limited expressed, "Maruti Suzuki's Commercial channel is the fastest-growing commercial network in the country. A majority of the Commercial network customers comprise of 'owner-cum-driver' who are ambitious, risk-takers and are looking for recognition. Their primary need is to get a stable income, and these vehicles contribute as a source of livelihood for them."

"Similarly, the fleet owners seek increased productivity, improved earnings and expansion of their business. Our internal research suggests that both these goods carrier owners as well as passenger carrier owners have similar business needs. Recognizing this as an opportunity, we decided to consolidate our commercial offerings under one roof," he added.

Within three years since the company was launched, it's commercial network covers over 320 stores which are in over 235 cities in India.