Indian Car Makers Assure Workers Regarding No Salary Cut And Unemployment

Publish On: 27 Apr, 2020 11:31 AM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

PUNE: Renowned auto companies like Renault, Skoda-Volkswagen and MG Motor India have assured their workers that there will be no situation of salary cuts or unemployment once the coronavirus crises come to an end. As per a report, the auto manufacturers have declared the aforementioned matter although the global pandemic has severely affected business plans and cash flows. Along with this, Skoda-Volkswagen India Pvt Ltd also confirmed that they would continue to hire despite the crises due to the global pandemic.

So, carmakers won't be downsizing its employees or cut their salaries. On the contrary, protecting the workforce is critical for their company's long-term plans. Moreover, the Volkswagen Group in India, which incorporates Skoda-Volkswagen has told the workforce that it'd also honour its commitment to pay bonuses because of over 90 per cent of its employees. However, the highest management has decided to delay their bonuses until business resumes to normal.

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Skoda-Volkswagen India Private Limited is going to be investing over a billion euros within the Indian market as a part of its India 2.0 strategy for gaining the market share. Currently, the carmaker employs over 4,200 workforces in the country including its plant.

Along with this, Gurpratap Boparai - MD, Skoda Volkswagen India mentioned that he would be attempting the foremost difficult part by reducing the structural costs and also the overheads. However, he assured that there would be no job loss or pay cuts. The report also mentioned that the carmaker is going to be considering to provide an appraisal to the staff once the lockdown is lifted.

Renault India's MD Venkatram Mamillapalle also said that the jobs of employees were safe. He confirmed that the workers are nervous over the previous couple of months because of the crisis the whole world is facing. Putting an end to the present dilemma, he assured his employees that they will not face any kind of pay cuts or job loss.

MG Motor India is the latest entrant in the Indian automotive space, which is owned by the Chinese carmaker - Shanghai Automotive. the corporate has assured the dealers as well as the employees that their salaries would be protected and there would no job loss.

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MG Motor India president Rajeev Chaba said, "As corporates are busy making worst-case scenarios, we've taken a pledge that there'll not be one job cut even during the worst-case scenario for MG Motor in 2020."