Engineering Students Invent Bio-Metric Systems For Two Wheelers

Publish On: 14 Jan, 2020 05:50 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

A bio-metric system which can protect two-wheeler vehicles has been invented by two students from Chandigarh University. Kushwinder Pal Singh and Vikramjit Sigh are final year students pursuing Automobile Engineering from Chandigarh University who have successfully established a security kit for two-wheelers which contains a biometric fingerprint. It can be installed in any two-wheeler vehicle be it, bike or scooter. The security kit will connect to the ignition point of the vehicle and will only start when the owner swipes his finger over on the handle of the vehicle where the biometric is installed. The engine will remain powerless if the owner of the vehicle fails to do so.

Kushwinder, one of the invertors said “I used to read lot of news about two-wheelers being stolen from public places and even from homes at night. While surfing on the internet, I found a biometric security technology that was being used in high-end cars in western countries but there was no security system for two-wheelers." 

It is after this when Kushwinder was struck by the idea for the invention. He later discussed this with Vikramjit who also came on board for the execution of the project. They eventually submitted their idea to  Chandigarh University Technology Business Incubator. A committee of experts determined the project and also provided the funds to conduct the research. The invention was carried out in 8 months. The university also donated a two-wheeler in order to test the invention.

The students have already been contacted by two leading automobile companies in order to commercially produce a security kit. Chancellor of Chandigarh University, Satnam Singh Sandhu mentioned he team has been allocated office space at Technology Business Incubator and has been provided other possible support like the arrangement of loans from government agencies to launch their start-up.”