Electric Or Petrol: Which Scooter To Buy? Comparison, Pros & Cons And Everything You Need To Know!

Publish On: 22 Oct, 2019 12:05 PM | Updated   |   Prateek  

With the launch of new Bajaj Chetak that is an electric scooter this question is popping into people's mind:

"Which scooter should we buy? Petrol powered or Electricity Powered?"

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Well, we can definitely help you in knowing which type of scooter is the right fit for you. Earlier we had different fuel options in 4-wheelers but now we got two fuel options in 2-wheelers too. 


Price: Pricing is the key factor that influences a customer's decision while purchasing a product. So the first thing to consider is the price the vehicle you are aiming to buy should be in your budget.

Electric scooters are pricier than petrol scooters. There are some electric scooters available in the market that are cheaper but they generally have a shorter range, slow speed etc. Top electric scooters are expensive because of the battery used in them. Lithium-ion battery does not come cheap.

Charging/ Fueling: Here the point goes to the petrol scooters because it hardly takes 2-3 minutes to fill in the petrol but if we talk about electric scooters they need to be charged for several hours and even the fast chargers take up to an hour. This problem of the electric scooter can be solved soon because battery swapping stations are work in progress.

Range: Electric scooters offers a range of around 100kms which is quite enough for a majority of people for daily use. But as per the reviews from the customers, they are always afraid about the scooter getting out of battery. Petrol scooters range is not defined as such because petrol pumps are easily available.

Maintenance Cost: Electric scooters wins the point here as it does not involve oil changes, regular servicing of the moving parts and stuff like that.

Environment factors: BS-VI petrol engines are definitely safer for the environment, but electric scooters are the winner, as they don’t even have an exhaust pipe. Choose an electric scooter if you want to keep the environment safe from pollution.


You decide what your requirements are and then match those here and take a well-planned decision.

If you want to ask anything regarding the same kindly comment down below.

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