The Truth Behind Trump's 'Retaliation' Statement Over Hydroxychloroquine

Publish On: 07 Apr, 2020 03:22 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

WASHINGTON: President of the United States, Donald Trump warned India that America may retaliate if the nation doesn't export anti-malaria drug known as Hydroxychloroquine despite his personal request. He claimed that New Delhi had good relations with Washington.

As per prior reports, Trump appealed to Prime Minister Modi through a telephonic conversation in order to allow the sale of hydroxychloroquine tablets which were ordered by America to treat the COVID-19 patients from there. It happened hours after India banned the export of the medical drug.

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During a briefing at the White House regarding the coronavirus outbreak, the US president said, "I said we’d appreciate you allowing our supply to come out If he doesn’t allow it to come out. That would be okay but, of course, there may be retaliation." He added, "Why wouldn’t that be?"

This statement didn't go down too well with politician, Shashi Tharoor when he was seen saying, "

Never in my decades of experience in world affairs have I heard of a Head of State or government openly threatening another like this. What makes Indian hydroxychloroquine 'our supply', Mr President? It only becomes your supply when India decides to sell it to you."

Trump was later seen clarifying his statement during the Monday news briefing. He said he either misunderstood the reporter's question or misheard it. It has now been revealed that the question was whether he is worried about retaliation from other countries against his decision to ban the export of certain medical equipment.

That is when the president replied, "I don’t like that decision. I didn’t hear that that was his decision. I know that he stopped it for other countries I spoke to him yesterday. We had a very good talk, and we’ll see whether or not that’s his decision. I would be surprised if he would you know because India does very well with the United States.”

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He clarified that India had not turned down his request for lifting the export ban on the drugs, not as of now.  He explained, "For many years they’ve been taking advantage of the United States on trade. So I would be surprised if that was the decision. He’d have to tell me that.”