Pakistan Train On Fire: 65 Deaths Confirmed!

Publish On: 31 Oct, 2019 12:51 PM | Updated   |   Prateek  

ISLAMABAD: A train in Pakistan on Thursday fired up because of a stove explosion that some passengers were using to cook a meal.

The fire spread to three carriages of the train when people started to panic and started jumping out of the moving train. 65 Deaths were confirmed because of the fire and by jumping out of the train in total.

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This occurred near the town of Rahim Yar Khan in the south of Punjab Province.

Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmed told:

  • "Two cooking stoves blew up. They were cooking, they had (cooking) oil which added fuel to fire,"
  • "Most deaths occurred from people jumping off the train,"
  • "People sneaking stoves onto trains in order to prepare meals on long journeys is a common problem."

Provincial health minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid told:

  • "According to information reaching us from the site of the accident, more than 65 people were killed and over 40 injured."

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This is not the first time in Pakistan when a railway accident has occurred. Earlier in July 11 People were killed in an accident and four in another accident.

In 2005, 130 people died when a train crashed into another train at a station in Sindh Province and then soon after a third train hit both the crashed trains. 

These railway accidents happening, again and again, are because of Pakistan's under-investment and poor maintenance of the Railways. 

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