Mexico City Steps Towards A Plastic-Free Future With This Step!

Publish Date: 04 Jan, 2020 02:06 PM   |   Harshita  

MEXICO CITY: Mexico City is doing its bits to contribute to a plastic-free future, no matter how old ideas they are adopting. The city's government has banned single-use plastic bags in order to step towards a better tomorrow with no excess plastic destroying the environment. 

The government has adopted an old method of banning single-use plastic bags and that has received protests from several companies of the city that produce plastic and think that ban over it can make them obsolete. The ban began on the first day of the year 2020 and thus restricts every Walmarts or any corner shops to distribute plastic bags.

Andree Lilian Guigue, who is an official overseeing the ban in Mexico City, said, "We have to take plastic out of circulation. Plastic and other waste products that damage the planet end up in the ravines, woods and public spaces of the city - and nobody cleans it up."

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ANIPAC, the plastic industry association in Mexico City says that according to their statistics around 20 million people living there use about 68,000 tons of plastic bags over a year. Offenders could be fined between a range of 42,000 pesos to 170,000 pesos. 

Gabriel Sanchez, who keeps an eye on plastic production at a marketplace, said that they will be back to paper bags, sacks and baskets. He said, "Now we’re going back to paper bags, sacks, baskets. I think it will take a while but people will get used to it."

While it sounds a good plan for the environment, the plastic producers, however, are not happy with this decision. They are trying to appeal for a standardized rule for reusable and thicker bags. 

The President of ANIPAC, Aldimir Torres, said, "The solution should be regulating bags, not prohibiting them."

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The city thinks compostable bags should be a good solution as they break down easily. However, a spokesman of Inboblast (association of companies making more environment-friendly bags) said that Mexico City should take after California banning single-use plastic bags and allowing multiple-use bags.