Gaurav Gera: Kiku Sharda Was The Mind Behind My Character 'Chutki'

Publish On: 30 May, 2020 01:09 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

MUMBAI: Gaurav Gera's video as his alter ego 'Chutki' took the internet by storm in the year 2015. His video featured him as 'Chutki' engaging in friendly banters with her boyfriend and her favourite 'shopkeeper'.

His videos received great responses and gained a huge fan following. 'Chutki' became one of the most iconic characters in her career. In a recently conducted interview, the actor revealed the inspiration behind his character.

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He said, "I wanted to play different characters and entertain my fans. I cannot just keep playing Gaurav Gera my entire life. So that's how this character of Chutki came to life. I am an actor and to act, I need to play different characters. Chutki came to make the videos colourful. This was actually Kiku's suggestion who is also my good friend. He advised me to play a girl in a video and he decided to be my uncle in it. Because of that, we came up with Chutki and once people started liking her I made many more videos."

Apart from the idea, Kiku was the person who also came up with the name 'Chutki'. He mentioned, "He (Kiku) was the one who even gave the name. He said ladkiyon ka naam hota hai ye.. (that's a girl's name) let's keep this, so he was the brain behind Chutki."

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Gaurav and Kiku share a decade long friendship and have also worked alongside each other in many comedy shows.