Oppo's ColorOS 7 India Launch Live Event| Watch It Here

Publish On: 26 Nov, 2019 11:55 AM | Updated   |   Prateek  

Oppo has launched some great devices in 2019 like Oppo Reno 10x Zoom and Oppo Reno Ace. People while buying Oppo feel a little outdated when it comes to android software updates and Color OS updates.

ColorOS is the OS that runs on all the Oppo devices, the majority of the devices are running ColorOS 6 version and now Oppo has announced the ColorOS 7 update.

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Live Launch Event:


The first look of the ColorOS 7 will probably look like this:

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ColorOS is known to have a lot of bloatware and a lot of heavy skinning over the stock android but recently the Realme India CEO Madhav Seth has confirmed that

A bloat-free, near-stock android experience is coming our way soon for Realme phones.  It will be based on the ColorOS 7, but we expect it to be closer to OxygenOS or ZenUI 6.

This means that the software is going to be clean like stock android with a few additions from Oppo. We will have to wait for the update to actually see what's there and what's not. 

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