Driving License Test On Your Phone With HAMS

Publish On: 04 Nov, 2019 12:36 PM | Updated   |   Prateek  

The driver's license test is not going to be so stressful in India soon. No more waiting in queues in the RTO office. The app is developed as part of the HAMS (Harnessing AutoMobiles for Safety) project.

The app just needs a smartphone that will be mounted to the windshield of your car where the rear camera of your device is going to monitor the road and the front camera is going to monitor your face.

The app will use the sensors available on your phone to make the necessary judgments of your driving skills.

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Check the video down below:


Venkat Padmanabhan, Deputy Managing Director, Microsoft Research India said:

“The main challenge in the traditional driver’s license test is the burden placed on the human evaluators and the resulting subjectivity that a candidate faces. Automation using HAMS technology can not only help relieve evaluators of the burden but also make the process objective and transparent for candidates. ” 

Akshay Nambi, a Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research India said:

“On an average, over 50 candidates take the HAMS-enabled automated license test every day at the Dehradun RTO. Due to the comprehensive nature of testing, just about 50 percent candidates pass the test, ensuring that only qualified drivers are given a driver’s license.” 

What do you think of this automated driving license test? Will you still opt for the traditional one or this automated one tell us in the comments. 

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