Chaayos Capturing Facial Data Of The Customers Without Consent?

Publish On: 22 Nov, 2019 04:48 PM | Updated   |   Prateek  

Chaayos is a popular cafe chain. Recently the company has gotten into a controversy as it was using a facial recognition technology instead of an OTP to bill the customer. The face recognition data was being used without the consent of the customer.

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A Journalist Nikhil Pahwa took this issue to Twitter along with video proof. Have a look at it down below:


The company is not giving the option to opt-out which makes the consent not real. It was still acceptable but after reading the company's terms and conditions people started bursting out on twitter. The Terms and Conditions clearly state that the company cannot guarantee that the customer's data will remain private.

People are blaming Chaayos for using facial recognition to collect the data of the customers and then later selling it to third parties. Have a look at the tweets down below:



According to the company's privacy policy:

“Although Sunshine Teahouse (the holding company of Chaayos) is committed to protecting customer’s privacy, Sunshine Teahouse does not promise or guarantee the same and customer should not expect, that customer’s personal information should always remain private”

This means the company may share the customer's data with some third party without your consent. The company was asked regarding the same and the company has simply refused by saying:

“Data from the facial recognition feature is encrypted and cannot be accessed by any party, including Chaayos itself except for the purpose of logging-in our customers. There is no third party sharing of the data for any purpose. And Chaayos does not use or process this information for any other purpose. Moreover, customers have the right to not opt in for facial recognition feature. ”

What do you think of this? Kindly drop your views in the comment section down below. 

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