CES 2020 Day 4: Tattoo Printer, Mosquito Detector And More Weird Gadgets

Publish Date: 10 Jan, 2020 05:36 PM   |   Madhurima  

LAS VEGAS: The 4th Day of CES 2020 continues to amaze people with it’s latest, jaw-dropping, revolutionary gizmos. Many companies like Lenovo, PowerVision, Bzigo and so on took the stage to reveal their weird, unconventional yet very useful products. These are the Gadgets we liked the most from day 4 of CES 2020:

1. Lenovo: ThinkPad X1 Fold Is World's First Foldable PC

The ThinkPad X1 Fold is quite portable, with a 13 inch screen and a magnetic keyboard. The exterior of the model features a kind of leather folio which moves as the screen gets folded or unfolded. The magnetic keyboard is one of the smartest features as it fits perfectly with the bottom half if the screen as it gets folded and converted into a laptop. Some space for a touchpad still remains even after such a compact design.

2. PowerVision: This Handheld 4k Camera Also Acts As A Drone

This drone is a follow up model to 'PowerEgg'. The new model is smaller in size, which makes it more convenient to hold. The unique feature of this gadget is that it is a 2 in 1 drone and handheld camera. Another important feature is that the product is water proof. Drones falling into the water is one of the major problems tech enthusiasts have to face, but PowerEgg X has now found the perfect solution to it. It is powered by artificial intelligence, making it the first drone to have this ability. PowerVision CEO Wally Zheng said, "Three years in development, PowerEgg X pulls together the technology consumers are seeking and puts it in a small, elegant egg shape."

3. Asus: This Mouse Has A Detachable JoyStick Along With Wireless Charging

Asus launched a gaming mouse by the name of 'ROG Chakram'. What makes this mouse one of a kind is built-in yet detachable joystick, wireless charging, high-end Omron switches and RGB lighting. It is highly customizable. If charged for 15 minutes the mouse can provide 12 hours of gameplay. If charged completely the mouse will run up to 79 hours. The cost of the mouse is estimated at $150.

 4. Bzigo: A Laser Detector Which Can Search For Mosquitos

Bzigo is a laser detector system which has made a device which can detect mosquitos in your room.WIth the features like IR (infrared) camera, smart computer vision algorithm and laser detector, this device has the ability to send you a notification on your phone and let you know if there are mosquitos in the room. The device can connect with WiFi.

5. Prinker: A Tattoo Maker Which Causes No Pain 

A company by the name of 'Prinker', has released a temporary tattoo printer, Prinker S. The device can connect to your phone from where you can send a desired image you want on your body. All you have to do is swipe the device on there area where you want the design and it's done. A layer of primer is also put on the skin so that the ink doesn't get absorbed. The gadget is also approved by the food and drug administration.