Sourav Ganguly Has A message For Virat Kohli And Company

Publish On: 03 Dec, 2019 01:15 PM | Updated   |   Harshita  

NEW DELHI: Indian cricket board chief Sourav Ganguly seems to be a big fan of Pink ball tests. The former Indian cricket captain wants that the Indian cricket team led by captain Virat Kohli should at least play one match with the pink ball in every series. 

Our country became the last of the major cricket nations to have debuted in the Pink ball test series. India recently hosted its first-ever Pink ball Test against Bangladesh at Eden Gardens in Kolkata. 

While the newly elected President for the Board of Council for Cricket in India (BCCI) is of the opinion that not every match should be a Pink ball Test but he definitely thinks that one match in a series should be played with the pink ball. He said, "I am pretty upbeat about it. I feel this is the way forward. Not every Test, but at least one Test in a series." 

Kolkata introduced this format where it held India's first Day-night Tests and other venues are too are ready for it. Ganguly further said, " I will share my experiences with the board and we will try and implement it in other places. After this, everyone is ready. Nobody wants to play Test cricket in front of 5,000 people." 

Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli, who became the first Indian to hit a century in a Pink ball Test match against Bangladesh, has previously opened up about his feelings regarding pink ball Tests. He said, "There has to be planning for a pink-ball game. We're playing in home conditions, but if you ask the Bangladesh team, they'd have also liked a practice game. Because we know our conditions and the bowlers are really bowling well, so we don't really feel the challenge or the things that are different about pink-ball cricket. Maybe when we play away from home we will figure out what could be even more difficult while playing with the pink ball. I think with a good practice game before that and enough time to prepare, we're open to doing anything. You can't just play it on short notice, like I mentioned last time."