Sachin Tendulkar Reveals The Only Time He Doubted Himself

Publish Date: 21 Dec, 2019 06:29 PM   |   Harshita  

NEW DELHI: Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar is considered the God of Cricket because of all his great performances on the field. However, it was not a smooth ride for him to achieve the level on which he is today. He also faced his fears, confusions and speed breakers during his journey. Recently, Tendulkar revealed how he doubted himself after his International debut. 

The ace cricketer, who made his international debut at the age of 16, was not sure about himself when he played his first-ever international cricket against neighboring nation Pakistan. He was so young that he probably lacked confidence and it was his teammates who boosted him. He said, 

"The only time I doubted myself was after my first outing. And it had nothing to do with fear of getting hit, but the fear or maybe lack of confidence was there. I felt maybe I was not good enough to play at this level because I was playing possibly the best attack. 

I felt I was not comfortable and I was slightly late on the ball and then slowly after having spoken to a few teammates, Chandu Borde Sir was there, who was our manager at that time, I felt better. I spoke to Ravi [Shastri] as well and that discussion was just trying and hang out there. 'Spend half-an-hour. It is not school cricket.'"

"The transition was so dramatic. Just a few months I was playing school cricket, then I played first-class cricket, I got those hundreds, got selected, and within 15-16 months I was playing for India. So that period just flew by. So suddenly from 80-82 miles, I went to 90-95 miles, which was a big challenge."

Tendulkar also recalled how happy he was when he received his India cap from the then captain Krishnamachari Srikanth. He said, "I was only 16 then, I just wanted to play for India and it did not matter where and how. I was so happy when I got my cap when then first day out on the field, and I still remember when we got back to our hotel room, I was sharing my room with Salil Ankola and we both were so tired and we both made our debut then and we were so tired that we slept for 2 and a half hours. We were physically tired and mentally."