Govt.'s Permission Needed For India To Play Against Pakistan: BCCI

Publish On: 16 Apr, 2020 12:16 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

NEW DELHI: The BCCI or  Board of Control for Cricket in India has won the battle against the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) since its lawyers convinced the ICC that the reason behind the Indian eves not playing Pakistan in their ODI Championship round was clearly a case of not getting necessary permission from the govt.

A BCCI official said that the lawyers representing the Indian board put out the true picture and therefore the international body understood the scenario.

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"Our lawyers explained to the ICC that for each tournament, we take the permission of the govt. and it is not just about playing Pakistan. So, if we do not get clearance from the govt, how can we play them? The matter was just about explaining the scenario," the official said.

With this, the technical committee of the ICC made a decision that teams will share points in all three series within the ICC Women's Championship that could not happen during the competition window which saw India on Wednesday qualify for the 2021 Women's World Cup.

The India-Pakistan series was originally scheduled in the sixth round of the competition, between July and November 2019, but despite the most effective efforts of both the boards, it was unable to take place, ICC said during a statement.

"With regard to India vs Pakistan series, the TC concluded that the series couldn't be played due to a force majeure event after the BCCI demonstrated that it had been unable to get the required government clearances to permit India to participate in the bilateral series against Pakistan, which forms a part of the ICC Women's Championship," the media statement read.

Interestingly, PCB chief Ehsan Mani on Tuesday made it clear that the Pakistan Cricket Board doesn't need the BCCI to join hands with them.

"We have suffered losses but they (India) aren't in our thinking or planning. it's sort of a Pie in the Sky situation. we've to live without them and we don't need them to survive," he said during a podcast released by the PCB's media department.

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"I am clear if India doesn't want to play we've to plan without them. Once or twice they have made promises to play against us but pulled out at the last moment."