AUS vs PAK: No Ball Decision, Is The Match Fixed?

Publish On: 21 Nov, 2019 12:14 PM | Updated   |   Prateek  

Day 1 of the Aus Vs Pak test has brought its first controversy. Mohammad Rizwan was given out by the umpire which to the people appeared to be a no-ball.

After a number of replays, Michael Gough (TV Umpire) decided to give the benefit to the bowler.

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If we talk about the rules then the rule states that some part of the bowler’s foot must be behind the crease as he/she delivers. Here the end of the foot seems to be on the line and it was kinda confusing to say something concrete so the umpire gave the decision in the favor of the bowler.

Rizwan was playing beautifully before he was declared out on this confusing ball.




It was Pat Cummins's second wicket. The clip down below shows how no part of the leg was behind the white line. 


People cannot believe the decision that Michael Gough took. But He doesn't seem to care. People are going rebellious over twitter and you can see the tweets down below:



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