Former Union Minister Chinmayanand Celebrates B'day In Grand Way

Publish On: 05 Mar, 2020 09:59 AM | Updated   |   Harshita  

SHAHJAHANPUR: Former Union Minister Chinmayanand, who is out on bail, celebrated his birthday in a grand way on Wednesday at the Mumukshu ashram. 

The former minister, accused of blackmailing and sexual harassment, met many supporters who came to the ashram and wished him on his birthday. He also listened to Ramayana recitation and praised everyone who participated in the Ram temple movement. 

He said, "People who did kar seva for Ayodhya are the real warriors." He also said that these people should feel honored as now the temple is being made and they are the reason. 

Ashram officials stated that a recitation of 'Sundarkand' marked the beginning of the celebration on Tuesday evening. All those who visited were given special 'prasad' on the occasion. 

Chinmayanand also participated in the event that the Hindu Yuva Vahini unit organized at the ashram.

The Supreme court dismissed a plea, incidentally on Wednesday, challenging the High Court order that granted the bail. 

The minister was arrested on September 20 last year under section 376 C of the Indian Penal Code, a charge short of rape. He was accused of using his official position to have sex with a woman. The alleged victim, however, was charged trying to extort money from Chinmayanand. She was given bail on December 4th by the High court. 

The Supreme Court had stepped in after the 23-year-old woman went missing for a few days in August last year after posting a video clip on social media, alleging sexual abuse.

The apex court formed a special investigation team of Uttar Pradesh Police and they arrested the minister after a month. 

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The team also arrested the woman after a complaint against her that she and her friend tried to extort 5 crores from the minister by threatening to make the videos public where she was giving massages to him.