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Delhi Elections: Parties To Hold Maraton Rallies On Last Day Of Campaigning

Publish On: 06 Feb, 2020 11:43 AM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

NEW DELHI: Today marks the final day of campaigning for the 2020 Delhi assembly elections. All three major parties of AAP, Congress and BJP will be holding back to back rallies in the form of marathons where recent issues like CAA, unemployment, conciliation politics and so on will be discussed.

It seems like AAP and BJP will be engaging in the war of words which took shape after two candidates went head to head against each other regarding the Shaheen Bagh shooting incident. While Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi, the Congress campaigners will be seen tacking the 2 above-mentioned parties together.

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Pravesh Verma belonging to BJP won’t be present during the last day rally due to a ban from the Election Commission for the second time. The ban followed after his scandalous remarks regarding the opposing party, AAP’s leader Arvind Kejriwal, where he was called a terrorist. The prior ban was applied by the poll body over Verma’s outrageous slogan chanting of “Desh Ke Ghadharoo Ko..Goli Maro..” (country’s traitors should be shot)

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The major campaigners belonging to all thee parties will be conducting a marathon in different sites of Delhi at their last attempt to persuade the voters.

Smriti Irani, the Union Minister is responsible for holding roadshows in Laxmi Nagar. Her rally will begin from Mandi Mandawali to Shri Ram Chowk during the morning. For noon, Kalyan Bus Stand situated near the Kondli Vidhansabha will be the prime campaigning spot. The conclusion will be organised at Majnu Ka Teela, which is close to Chandni Chowk Vidhansabha.

BJP members like Amit Shah and JPNadda will also be engaging in campaigning with multiple roadshows.

The elections will be held on 8th February 2020 with the counting of votes taking place 2 days later, i.e. 11th February.