BJP President JP Nadda Reaches Out To Maithil Voters In Delhi

Publish Date: 05 Feb, 2020 09:57 AM   |   Harshita  

NEW DELHI: BJP President JP Nadda reached out to a number of Maithil speaking migrants in New Delhi to seek the maximum votes possible ahead of the Delhi Assembly Polls on 8th February.

He was speaking at a function organised at the residence of Rajya Sabha member Prabhat Jha on Copernicus Marg in the capital.

"I will safeguard the interest and value of Mithila Paag which has been conferred on me as a token of honor, he said the alfresco gathering which welcomed him for the first time after being the president of the party.

Nadda making a scathing attack on CM Arvind Kejriwal government pointed out unsafe drinking water as per reports placed by the Bureau of Indian standard.

Kejriwal is playing the politics of an eyewash with the false commitments and plundering the government's exchequer on advertisements for which people should reach him a lesson by their votes, added Nadda.

BJP national vice president Prabhat Jha called upon Maithil migrants to stand United with BJP to get a fair share in the government formation in the Delhi by voting BJP to power.