BJP Decides To Visit Voters Personally After The End Of Poll Campaign

Publish Date: 06 Feb, 2020 12:45 PM   |   Harshita  

NEW DELHI: The campaigning for the Delhi assembly election will end on Thursday at 5 p.m and the political parties are coming with their own unique strategies to woo the voters. The Bhartiya Janta Party has decided to personally visit the voters so as to make an appeal to people to vote for them.

On the final day of campaigning, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president J.P. Nadda has asked all its party cadres to personally visit door-to-door without banners and posters and appeal to the people to exercise their franchise.

While, the campaigning draws to a close 48 hours before the voting, any kind of political event involving public appeal for the vote is banned. In such a situation, activists of political parties can personally contact the voters by visiting them.

BJP believes that personal contact strengthens the relationship between the voters and the party. In such a situation, even after the campaign stops, some votes can be obtained by campaigning in this way, sources said.