Cowries Used As Currency In Ancient Times Discovered In Bengal Village

Publish On: 06 Mar, 2020 10:22 AM | Updated   |   Shivalik  

A pitcher filled with cowries used as currency in past has been unearthed while digging for the construction of a house in a village in north West Bengal's Cooch Behar district, officials said.

The exact period to which the find date backs to is yet to be ascertained.

However, the district administration is mulling to tell the Geological Survey of India (GSI) about the new find in the Karjipara locality of Chamta village within the Nakkatigach gram panchayat area.

"The pitcher full of cowries was unearthed when the ground was dug for construction. We need to ascertain the era they belong to," said an official.

It is for the third time that archaeological items are unearthed in the district in the past few months.

A large number of old utensils used for religious rituals and broken idols of gods and goddesses were recovered from Gosanimari area of Dinhata sub-division.

Earlier, artefacts/items associated with ancient architecture and utensils were unearthed from the Phoolbari area under Tufanganj police headquarters.

Historians opined that the articles could go back to the days when the region was referred to as Kamtapur and was ruled by Koch kings.