Twitter asks Arnab Goswami to apologize to Sarvajeet after declaring him a pervert

Publish On: 30 Oct, 2019 05:14 PM | Updated   |   Sj Desk  

Remember the Sarvajeet and Jasleen Kaur case? Of course, you do! There is no way you are living in India and are unaware of how a woman dragged an innocent man through the mud by accusing him of molesting her.

The aftermath of Jasleen Kaur’s accusation was devastating for Sarvajeet Singh, who lost his job and reputation. Jasleen Kaur promptly took off to Canada and was not seen since then in any of the court hearings. After four years of struggle, Sarvajeet was finally acquitted and found not guilty. Meanwhile, Jasleen Kaur made the situation even more difficult for women who actually have to go through the scarring situation of harassment and molestation.

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Jasleen and irresponsible journalism were behind Sarvajeet’s ordeal. Arnab Goswami declared the man a ‘pervert’ on national media. Deepika Bhardwaj, one of the panelists on Times Now who asked to hear ‘the other side’ 4 years back, has raised an interesting trend on twitter after the acquittal. The journalist is ‘daring’ Arnab to apologize to Sarvajeet and his parents for maligning his image.

In another clip, another Times Now journalist Pooja Shali can be seen aggressively bullying Sarvajeet. Instead of leaving matters to the court, looks like Times Now journalists decided to become judges themselves.  

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