Train Collison In Hyderabad: 12 Injured

Publish On: 11 Nov, 2019 03:13 PM | Updated   |   Prateek  

HYDERABAD: Two trains collided in Hyderabad at the Kacheguda Railway station on Monday resulting in 12 people getting injured and drivers getting trapped inside the collided trains.

Two trains collided at a slow-moving speed. The trains involved were

  • The Lingampalli-Falaknuma multi-modal transport system (MMTS)
  • The Kurnool-Secunderabad Hundry Intercity Express (17028).

 The driver of the MMTS was trapped inside his cabin after the Collison as the cabin was badly disfigured. He was provided with oxygen and other medical aids inside the cabin.

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Senior of SCR's Narrative:

"They were using cutters to rescue the driver. The accident occurred as the MMTS train apparently overshot the signal, "

"Six coaches of the MMTS service and three coaches of the Hundry Express have been damaged. The 12 passengers were rushed to Osmania General Hospital, of whom two were discharged. "

Piyush Goyal (Railway Minister) tweeted:

After this accident, one train was cancelled and another one was diverted. 

According to a woman traveller of the MMTS:

  • "Several passengers hit their heads and knees with the opposite seats resulting in bleeding. "

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