SC Judge Faints During Nirbhaya's Trial; Court Hearing Deferred

Publish On: 14 Feb, 2020 04:14 PM | Updated   |   Sj Desk  

The Centre's appeal for separate executions of the four rapists in the shocking Nirbaya rape case got further delayed after Supreme Court judge, Justice R Banumathi fainted during the hearing on Friday. The judge, who was reeling under high fever, soon regained consciousness and was escorted out of the court.

The incident occurred when the court was hearing Centre’s plea seeking the apex court’s permission for separate executions of the four convicts after they employed tactics that not only made a mockery of our justice system but also efficiently delayed justice. This appeal was in a challenge to the Delhi High Court’s decision against it.

All the four convicts, except for one, have exhausted all their legal remedies and the Delhi High Court's deadline for the convicts to use all their legal options had passed. 

The lawyers representing the rapists are picking on every loophole the law has to offer, proving that inserting iron rods in a woman's vagina is fine as long as you are a juvenile. The law is failing to protect the women of the country even as the rapists continue to live, eat, and draw pictures of their victim in jail. 

On 5 February. the Delhi High Court ruled that the rapists cannot be hanged separately since they were convicted for the same crime. The court also granted a week’s time to the four convicts to avail all legal remedies available to them. 

The Bench was dictating the order adjourning the case when Justice Banumathi fainted. As per PTI, she was taken on a wheelchair for medical treatment.

Following this, Justice A S Bopanna said that the rest of the order in the matter will be passed in-chamber.

Earlier on Friday, the Supreme Court had dismissed the petition of rapist Vinay Sharma, who challenged the dismissal of his mercy petition by President Ram Nath Kovind.