Nirbhaya Convicts To Be Hanged On Friday As Court Dismisses Plea For Stay

Publish On: 19 Mar, 2020 05:34 PM | Updated   |   Harshita  

NEW DELHI: It is confirmed now! All four Nirbhaya convicts will be hanged on Friday at 5:30 am after a Delhi court rejected the plea three of the four death row convicts on Thursday. Akshay Kumar, Pawan Gupta and Vinay Sharma sought a stay on their execution that is scheduled for March 20th. 

The three convicts moved to the Delhi's Patiala Court House on Wednesday claiming that the second mercy petition of one of them was still due. Earlier, the Supreme Court rejected to entertain the plea of Mukesh Singh that claimed that he was not in Delhi on the night of the heinous crime (16th December 2012). 

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The execution will be taking place on the scheduled date (March 20th at 5:30 am) and the authorities of Tihar Jail have completed the preparations for the same. 

Curative petition of one of the convicts, Pawan Gupta, was also dismissed by the apex court that claimed that his juvenility when the crime was committed. The public prosecutor told the court that advocate AP Singh, who is defending the convicts in the case, was giving false information to the court regarding Pawan's second mercy plea. 

The court was informed that all the four convicts have exhausted their legal remedies now. AP Singh also tried to delay the hanging basing on convict Akshay's wife who has filed for a divorce. However, the special public prosecutor said that any such petition does not fall under the purview of the legal remedy of the ongoing case. 

The 23-year-old medical student was brutally raped by six men on a moving bus on the deadly night of December 16th, 2012. The girl was later dubbed as Nirbhaya as she fought fearlessly against all her deep injuries but succumbed to them on 29th December 2012. 

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Out of those six beasts, one was a juvenile and was released after serving three years in a correction home, the second one, Ram Singh allegedly committed suicide during his trial and the rest four will finally be hanged. We all have been waiting for this day since that night and the day is almost here when Nirbhaya will finally get justice.