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Lokmanya Tilak Derails In Cuttack: 15 Injured, Rail Traffic Disrupted

Publish On: 16 Jan, 2020 11:36 AM | Updated   |   Arnima  

Cuttack: As many as 15 people have been injured after Mumbai Bhubaneswar Lokmanya Tilak Express derailed, on Thursday morning, following an accident with a goods train in Cuttack in Orissa.

The Lokmanya Tilak Express hit a goods train this morning and 8 of its coaches derailed. According to the railway officials, heavy fog may have led to the accident that was reported at 7:00 a.m.

Injured passengers have been taken to nearby hospitals through ambulances. The train had to stop between Saligaon and Nirgundi stations after the collision, where a lot of passengers were seen de-boarding the train with their luggage creating chaos in the area.

The railway authorities have said that all injured passengers are safe and out of danger.

According to the officials, 4 people have suffered serious injuries while 11 had minors. "Those with serious injuries have sent to the Cuttack Medical College. All passengers have been evacuated from the site and no loss of life has been reported so far," the officials stated.

The Indian Railways had also arranged buses for the remaining passengers to complete their journey.

The official said that the collision have disrupted the rail traffic. As many as 5 trains have been diverted and would be operating on the diverted route until the traffic is restored.

Helpline number has also been issued by the east coast railway zone.

The family and relatives of passengers travelling in the train can enquire about them from these numbers:

0671-1072 (Cuttack), 0674-1072 (Khurda Road), 18003457401/402 (Bhubaneswar headquarters), 0674-1072.