Gandhi's Freedom Struggle A 'Drama': Sr. BJP Leader's Shocking Remarks

Publish Date: 03 Feb, 2020 12:10 PM   |   Sj Desk  

On Saturday, former Union minister and BJP MP Anantkumar Hegde scandalized many with his controversial remarks about Mahatma Gandhi and his freedom struggle. Hegde described Gandhi's freedom struggle as "drama" and also went ahead and questioned how “such people” come to be called ‘Mahatma’ in India. 

While addressing a public event in Banglore, the senior BJP leader said that the freedom movement was in fact “staged with the consent and support of the British”.

In an attempt to back up his claim he said that “None of these so-called leaders were beaten up by the cops even once". Mr Hegde's inference is problematic to the say the least. Now, since our "so-called" leaders weren't brutalized by the cops, they obviously were faking it. 

"Their independence movement was one big drama. It was staged by these leaders with the approval of the British. It was not a genuine fight. It was an adjustment freedom struggle,” he said.

The Lok Sabha MP from Uttara Kannada also called Mahatma Gandhi’s hunger strikes and satyagraha a “drama”.

“People supporting Congress keep saying that India got independence because of the fast unto death and satyagraha. This is not true. The British did not leave the country because of satyagraha,” he said. 

“Britishers gave independence out of frustration. My blood boils when I read history. Such people become Mahatma in our country,” Hegde said concluding his speech devoid of facts. 

Before leaving India for good, the Britishers must have shared their ordeal of frustration with Hegde's father. That is the only logical assumption of him being privy to the "feelings" of the people who looted and plundered the country for more than 200 years. 

If Satyagraha was indeed a drama, then full marks to all the brilliant actors.