COVID-19: Over 5,000 New Cases In Last 1 Day; Total Tally Rises To 96,169

Publish On: 18 May, 2020 10:06 AM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

NEW DELHI: There was a rapid and major increase in the number of coronavirus cases reported in the last 24 hours as 5,000 new cases got detected. Around 157 deaths got reported on Sunday, May 17 which took the total death toll of India to more than 3,000. The total tally of India is now 96,169 in terms of coronavirus cases. Maharastra comprised of around 40% of all fatalities in the past day.

There were 2,000 fresh cases of coronavirus which got reported in Maharastra yesterday. It continues to remain the state with the most coronavirus cases. 

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As far as the active coronavirus cases are concerned, there are now 53,316 individuals who are battling the life-endangering virus. There are up to 30% of people i.e. 36,824 who recovered and have been discharged from medical facilities so far.

Maharashtra became the first-ever state to report COVID-19 positive cases which are over 2,000 in just one day. The city of Mumbai itself reported around 1,500 cases in the past 1 day. The total number of cases in the entire state is now at 33,053 with the fatality rate at 1,198.

Apart from Maharashtra, states like Tamil Nadu, Delhi and Gujarat also saw a spike as Tamil Nadu reported 600 new cases, Delhi 400 and 391 people with coronavirus were detected in Gujarat.

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As there has been no decrease in the cases in the nation, the nationwide lockdown got increased by 2 additional weeks and will end now on 31 May. There are several exemptions which got provided for orange, green and red zoned in order to restart the economy.