Anti-CAA Protest Claim Lives; 2 Die In Mangaluru, 1 In Lucknow

Publish On: 20 Dec, 2019 01:04 PM | Updated   |   Arnima  

New Delhi:The anti-CAA stir claimed three lives as the fire burns the nation under violent protest. Two protesters were killed in police firing in Mangaluru while one died of gunshot wounds in Uttar Pradesh as the agitation against the CAA 2019 flared up nationwide on Thursday last.

While the police officials have said that they did not fire a single bullet at the protesters it has been alleged that a protester in Lucknow named Mohammed Wakil suffered Bullet wound and died. Lucknow Police Chief Kala Naithani, however, said that cops did not fire a single bullet during the protest. "It is yet to be established how Mohammed Wakil suffered a bullet wound," stated the Lucknow Police Chief.

It is to be mentioned that protest against CAA took violent shape in Uttar Pradesh capital when protesters started stone pelting and lighting up the public properties to police outpost. At least 4 OB Vans, 10 cars and 20 motorbikes were set ablaze along with a government bus by the protesters in UP capital as huge crowd came out onto the streets of cities and towns that was so far touched by the unrest in parts of Uttar Pradesh including Lucknow.

Mangaluru in Karnataka also witnessed most violent protest of the day. Mobs vandalised public property, clashed with the police at several places and that led to open fire by the cops at the protesters. As many as two protesters died in Mangaluru and several were injured after the police opened fire on the crowd that had allegedly attempt to set fire to the north police station of the city. According to the Bangalore Police Commissioner PS Harsha two men identified as Salil Bendre (49) and Nauseem Kudroli (23) died in police shot.

It is to be mentioned that several people were also detained by the police including historian Ramchandra Guha in Bengaluru. Guha was among the many people detained for participating in a rally against the Citizenship Amendment Act at town hall. The police officials said that a number of detention in the city for violating prohibitory orders touched 1000 by the end of the day.

In Lucknow also, Hazratganj and the old city was under siege for around 5 hours. Vandalism overshadowed what had started out as processions of protesters from various locations. According to the police reports at least 172 people were arrested across Uttar Pradesh and out of them 112 were from Lucknow. Another 1500 people were detained for defying section 144 in the state.

Not only Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh, but other states also witnessed violent clashes as protesters took to the streets to oppose the CAA 2019. Mumbai, Bihar, Jaipur, Gujarat, Pune, Telangana, Kolkata and other states saw violent protests opposing the newly made act.