Teenagers Who Vape Or Smoke E Cigarettes More Prone To Breathing Problems

Publish On: 06 Feb, 2020 05:01 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

NEW YORK: A recently conducted study has revealed that teenagers dependent upon e-cigarettes and vaping can develop swallowing and breathing problems. The study has been published in the journal called ‘Paediatrics’.

The study contained one such teenage candidate for the study who initially began to experience gruffness in her voice and then needed to clear her throat repeatedly. With passing time the candidate began to wake up with total voice loss in the morning and the feeling of some food particle being stuck in her throat. Eventually, she began to avoid food entirely as inconvenience arose while swallowing food.

During medical check-ups, it was made certain that the candidate has no history of asthma or respiratory diseases. It was later revealed that the issues are being caused due to moderate swelling and throat airway being covered with thick yellow-green coloured mucus.

The patient was being treated at the  Children's National Hospital situated in America. She admitted to being a frequent user of fruit flavoured e-cigarettes as regularly as 3-5 times in 2 months. The throat issues began 2 weeks after her last vape session.

Kathleen Ferrer the senior author of the case report mentioned, “This teenager's use of e-cigarettes is the most plausible reason for this subacute epiglottitis diagnosis, a condition that can become life-threatening.” She also works at the Children’s National Hospital.

Authors of the study have confirmed that the growing use of products like e-cigarettes is the leading cause of health risks still unknown. It can also lead to severe lung injury.

Talking about the study, Michael Jason Bozella, the author stated, “With epiglottitis - an inflammation of the flap found at the base of the tongue that prevents food from entering the trachea - our first concern is that an underlying infection is to blame.”

As per the study, no infections related to fungi, bacteria, viral fever, acid-fast bacilli came forward during a biopsy.