Doctors Prescribing Exercises Like Medicines Now?

Publish On: 17 Oct, 2019 01:02 PM | Updated   |   Prateek  

Washington D.C. [USA]: A study was conducted and it was found out that Exercise is highly beneficial for people living with and beyond cancer. Regular exercising can treat and prevent many diseases and it can also keep your heart healthy.

A professor of Public Health Sciences at Penn State College of Medicine Kathryn Schmitz led an initiative called "Moving Through Cancer". A team of Health researchers and practitioners has been initiated too.

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Schmitz said:

  • "With more than 43 million cancer survivors worldwide, we have a growing need to address the unique health issues facing people living with and beyond cancer and better understand how exercise may help prevent and control cancer,"
  • "This esteemed, multidisciplinary group of leaders at the forefront of exercise oncology aimed to translate the latest scientific evidence into practical recommendations for clinicians and the public and to create global impact through a unified voice,"
  • "Through our research, we've reached a point where we can give specific FITT exercise prescriptions which means frequency, intensity, time and type for specific outcomes like quality of life, fatigue, pain, and others,"
  • "For example, if we're seeing a head and neck cancer patient with a specific set of symptoms, we could give them an exercise prescription personalised to them."

According to the researchers, Exercises, Working out can lower the risk of developing the following cancers:

  • Colon
  • Breast
  • Endometrial
  • Kidney
  • Bladder
  • Esophagus
  • and stomach cancers.

During cancer treatment, an individual ends up with no immunity. Exercise is the way to cope up with it. It can improve Fatigue, Anxiety, Depression, Physical Function, quality of life and many more.

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Researchers suggest at least 30 mins of exercises daily to get the best out of it.

Doctors are needed to prescribe exercises to the patients because it is the best way to improve health after or during cancer treatment.