Can Yogurt Help In Reducing Depression?

Publish On: 10 Feb, 2020 04:40 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

VIRGINIA: A recent study which has been conducted about depression has just revealed a food item which can help prevent the mental illness. The study published in the Scientific Reports journal suggests that Yogurt can help fight depression.  A research team belonging to the University of Virginia School of Medicine planned this research.

"The treatments available for relieving the symptoms of depression are not very good as they come with numerous side effects. So, it is important to have another effective alternative treatment. For the study, we exposed mice to higher levels of stress until they began to show symptoms of depression and did a before and after comparison of the levels of gut bacteria. We then discovered a clear connection between the bacteria and mental health," added Alban Gaultier, the author of the study. He is also the assistant professor of the university.

The experiment unveiled that the lactobacillus in the gut has an effect on the kynurenine, which is the level of blood metabolite. kynurenine is related to the development of depression. However, when lactobacillus, a gut-friendly bacteria was added to the diet, an instant case of recovery was noticed. The bacteria helped manage to to control the Kynurenine levels.

The study concluded that this is just a beginning and further work and more detailed study is needed in this specific area. Besides, only mice were the test subjects of this experiment. This means their mental symptoms can not be expressed, just observed.