Yami Gautam Talks About The Future Of Bollywood Industry Post Lockdown

Publish On: 24 May, 2020 11:46 AM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

NEW DELHI: As the coronavirus cases are still on the rise after months of lockdown, the uncertainty regarding things returning to normal has been haunting everyone more than ever. According to Yami Gautam, it is unlikely that the coronavirus will be contained even after the lockdown is lifted, hence she doesn't know when the film shoots will resume.

In a recent interview, she was asked how as per her the future of the industry looks like and what all changes will come. She responded, "Budgets are going to be reworked. Already the proposed films that most of us were to be part of, are looking at reworked budgets and mediums, with theatres being shut and with no idea when they'll open. Of course, the mid-budget films have an opportunity to opt for digital platforms."

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She revealed that even she is getting offers for projects which are meant for OTT platforms.

Yami mentioned, "Films are coming my way with the proposal that it''s for the digital platform. This shift is already happening. We don't know when we''re going to resume shooting because even after the lockdown is lifted, it doesn't look like the coronavirus will be contained."

She also emphasised on the fact that a new set of norms and restrictions will get introduced.

The 'Vicky Donor' debutant said, "We will still have to follow protocols, precautions and the fresh guidelines of that time. We'll have to wait and watch. Safety is the most important thing. I don't think things will resume any time soon."

She discussed how the downwards economy will also impact the budgeting carried out within films.

 "Budgets, of course, are going to be curtailed and reworked, knowing that globally the economy is taking a hit. Contentwise, I can hope that this is the time people are using to write films about good subjects and fresh concepts. I hope content-wise we come out stronger", explained the actress.

As far as the national lockdown is concerned, the actress is by herself in Mumbai while her family isn't with her. She, however, manages to stay in touch with them especially during these dire circumstances.

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"I video call my mother, my sister, my brother and my father. Then I get on with the cooking. I prepare meals for me and the house help. It''s a deliberate thing. I got a chance to work on my cooking skills, which is something we all must know. It is also a mental activity", said Yami.