Shruti Haasan To Do Something Empowering During The Lockdown Period

Publish On: 29 Mar, 2020 05:27 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

CHENNAI: As the national lockdown in order to fight off the coronavirus has sent everyone into self quarantining modes, many celebrities from B-town have taken to social media and are using this time period to connect more with their fans. Shruti Haasan is one such person. The actress has been avidly using her Instagram account for various tit-bits like sharing food recipes to even giving out hair and skincare tips. 

The actress, however, has decided to now do something pathbreaking in this tough time. Shruti has revealed that she will now be holding Instagram live sessions and connect with a few selected guests who will all be women from all walks of life. Her guest list includes Gayatri Aptekar, a life coach, along with lawyer Priyanka Khimani, dancer Ashlee Nino and actress Sarah Hay. 

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Haasan is using this opportunity to spread smiles and positivity amongst the people during these tough times. Topics like having a good mental balance, keeping oneself strong and patience will be the part of the discussion in these live sessions.

On being asked about this initiative, Shruti said, "I  have a close group of women who are my friends, but I also have a larger circle of women whom I have been interacting with that have been inspiring me. They are from different walks of life."

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She continued, "I thought it would be lovely to interact with them on various topics and I like that they are from different places, different topics and different professions. I hope that people enjoy it as well,."