Malaika Arora Talks About Racism In Bollywood, Trolls And Beau Arjun Kapoor

Publish On: 05 Nov, 2019 01:20 PM | Updated   |   Harshita  

MUMBAI: Bollywood's one of the fittest and hottest actress, Malaika Arora recently celebrated her 46th birthday. Attending a popular show, Malaika got into a candid conversation with host Neha Dhupia where she revealed how she was categorized as 'dark-skinned', voiced her opinions on trolls and called beau Arjun Kapoor "perfect". 

The actress who gave hit songs like "Munni Badnaam Hui" and "Chaiyaa Chaiyaa" revealed that when she entered the showbiz, she was put into the category of "dark-skinned". She said, "I came at a time in the business when this whole thing about dark-skinned, fair-skinned was so prevalent and I was always put into the dark-skinned category so that was always there initially so ya that bias was always there."

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Malaika Arora makes headlines quite often for her relationship with boyfriend Arjun Kapoor. After her divorce from Arbaaz Khan, there were several link-up rumours with much younger Arjun Kapoor for which they were highly criticized because of the age difference. The rumours were finally put to an end and it was confirmed when they started posted pictures of and with each other.



When Neha asked for a thing that Arora would reveal about her partner Arjun, the diva said, "He is perfect." Isn't that adorable?

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Furthermore, when the 46-year-old actress was asked for her views on trolls, she instantly replied that she does not care about them. She said, "Personally, I care a damn. I really I mean if I have to say as crudely, I care a f**k. The only thing that comes to mind is that I just feel bad for people out there who talk or behave a certain way. I mean like you gotta be really messed up in your head or you gotta be really low self-esteem or its gotta be some sort of you know for you to actually sit and belittle somebody or degrade somebody or be nasty. I mean you really gotta have a lot of issues with yourself to be doing just because you have a platform. And you're faceless so you think it's your birthright. I look at it that way. I feel really bad for them."