Akshay Kumar And Rohit Shetty Have A Major Fallout? The Actor Has A Hilarious Reply

Publish On: 12 Nov, 2019 03:08 PM | Updated   |   Harshita  

MUMBAI: Earlier it was reported that Akshay Kumar and Rohit Shetty have a major fallout on the sets of their upcoming film 'Sooryavanshi'. The tension between the actor and director grew so much that they stopped talking to each other. Now, Kumar has a hilarious reply for this "breaking news". 

A few hours ago Khiladi Kumar took to his Instagram handle to post a video that featured him, Katrina Kaif and Rohit Shetty. In the video, Katrina Kaif announces breaking news and then we see the actor-director duo fighting with each other, hence, mocking the fake news. 

Sharing the video, Akshay wrote, "#BreakingNews: A fallout which might just make your day." The video ends with both of them lying on the floor, exhausted from their "fallout". Several users have applauded Akshay's excellent sense of humor and many reacted with laughing emojis. 


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As far as the rumors of their fallout are concerned, a source said, 

"There are icy vibes between the lead actor and the director as they don’t talk to each other on the sets of Sooryavanshi. Apparently, Akshay and Rohit have major problems with each other and to such a degree that they have stopped talking to each other. There were massive creative differences in the script and the way the movie was being shot which apparently led to a showdown between both one day. Since that day they don’t talk to each other but communicate on the sets through the assistant directors who explain the shots to Akshay before filming. Rohit has a movie to complete with a release date (March 27, 2020) looming over him so maybe he pushes things around a bit to get things done his way. While those who have worked with Rohit realize that this is his style of working, to others like Akshay, who is working with him for the first time, it may look as if Rohit is doing whatever he wants and throwing his weight around so things have been spinning a bit out of control. One has heard that these days he comes on the sets after Akshay arrives. Everybody knows how punctual the superstar is and never makes anybody wait. The director ideally is one of the first to arrive to give instructions to his team on a movie set."

Besides, the source also added that Kumar was miffed by the fact that the movie's release date was preponed and he was not a part of that decision. However, the video is proof that all is well between the two. 

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'Sooryavanshi' is the first movie where this actor-director duo is uniting. Also, it reunites Akshay and Katrina after nine long years. The movie will hit the theatres on 27th March 2020.