'Why So Brutal?' AMU Students Ask Aligarh Police!

Publish Date: 26 Dec, 2019 10:33 AM   |   Arnima  

Aligarh: While most students of Aligarh Muslim University have left the campus since protests broke out against the Citizenship Amendment Act leading to a violent crackdown by police on December 15 inside the campus. Those residing in Aligarh have decided to continue to stage protest against the administration and the police.

Those residing in Aligarh have demanded answers from the police over the use of excessive force and from the administration for letting it happen. The student said that there was no need to use 'stun grenades', 'rubber bullets' and 'teargas shells' that became part of the police activity for disposing the protesting crowd. It was a violent crackdown by the Aligarh police that had led several severely injured and at least one with his hand amputated.

The students have demanded answers asking, "why was it so brutal? Even if the police were needed to disperse the crowd, why did they cross the line? Why were they given permission to do so?". The students have hold administration accountable for this. Nadeem a 19 year old BA first year student was hit on the head with the teargas shell and suffered heavy blood loss, said, "It was white smoke everywhere. Some Kashmiri students brought out some salt and water to help us from it, but it didn't really help me." Others such as Mohammed Aasim, also a BA first year student was of the same view as of the former. Aasim was hit by a rubber bullet used by the forces. Students said, "rubber bullets and granites were used in naxal areas and the administration and police have treated as like naxalites." Students said that they had to run into a guest house nearby and locked themselves in the bathroom as they were continuously been threatened and beaten up by the police.

It is to be mentioned that some students had gathered at the university's Bab-e-Sayed in response to the rumours of students being killed during a police crackdown at Jamia Millia Islamia and since section 144 was declared in Aligarh, students were not allowed to assemble outside the campus. The gathering led the police and the Rapid Action Force, stationed to stop the students from going out, did launch the Lathi charge along with several rounds of tear gas shells.

The AMU students have said they would continue their protest till they get the answers from the police administration and the university administration for the unjustified behaviour with them.