Education Minister To Principals: Make Micro-Plan For Opening Schools

Publish On: 28 May, 2020 10:53 AM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

NEW DELHI: Manish Sisodia, the education minister on Wednesday, May 27 addressed all the principals of Delhi govt. schools to make a micro plan for resuming schools, as a common plan cannot be applicable to all institutions.

The Education Minister interacted with more than 1000 school principals and revealed, "We cannot have one common plan for all schools to re-open them this year." So he asked the authorities to come up with a planning process concerning the resuming schools, for the time when a decision is taken regarding this matter.

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Sisodia had explained, "The reason we are following an elaborate planning process is that we need to keep many factors in mind before making a decision. It is not just about maintaining social distancing or sanitisation alone or calling one set of classes to school and not the others. Any decision will have far-reaching implications on children and their families because school is an integral part of our social life. It is not just about learning a few lessons from the textbooks but the lessons of life itself. Therefore, any plan should keep in mind all possible situations."

Ever since the coronavirus began in our nation, the schools have remained closed since March-end. Summer vacations were announced from May 11 and will continue till June 30.

Sisodia is also the Deputy Chief Minister. He mentioned that the aim of his meeting was 2 fold, "How should we stay connected with our children and their parents in this time when a lockdown is impacting different people differently? This will help us to directly understand their situation and prepare better?"

The other matter being, "how do we plan the reopening of schools whenever we get the go-ahead."

The Minister further explained, "First, reach out to all children through the phone to see if they are in Delhi or have gone back to their native place. Also check if they were able to use online classes, SMS/IVR and what is their feedback about it. Second, start the planning process for reopening of the school based on the context of your own school."

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On the matter concerning the plan for re-opening schools, Sisodia said, "This includes health, safety, trust, emotional well being, and so on. And the other challenge is that all these have to be done without extra financial resources from the government."