Users now criticizing Zomato for playing religion card

Publish On: 02 Aug, 2019 12:19 PM | Updated   |   SJ Desk  

Couple of days after Zomato, an Indian restaurant search and discovery service, played a religion card on the social networking site twitter, people are now slamming the the company and started giving negative comments along with one start ratings on Google playstore.

It all started when a customer cancelled his order after he saw that he had been assigned a Muslim delivery executive. Zomato, then  refused to do so and later tweeted saying, "food has no religion."

Several people lauded the stand but many of them started criticizing the company for playing religion card.

Here are few comments on the App store:

Akash Singh: "Whatever you do you are not allowed to hurt anyone religious sentiments. Don't forget that India is a democratic country & everyone here is allowed to choose their own way of leaving. Giving Halal restaurant sign & saying to Hindus that " food doesn't have a religion". How can you say this when you"

A user named Prateek Chavan said: "you don't deserve to give you 1 star but you are giving you 1 star since there is no 0 star option. Your application is also poor and your product delivery method is poor. And the owners and managers of your company do poorly with customers. so i report to google play store for your application"

Innocent superman said: "Is food related to religion?

"Boycott Zomato,"  Raju Dey commented.