Auto Expo 2020: Maruti Unveils It's Mission Green Million

Publish On: 07 Feb, 2020 12:19 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

GREATER NOIDA: Maruti Suzuki took the opportunity to announce their forthcoming initiative to sell one million green cars in an upcoming couple of years during the ongoing 15th Auto Expo. They have named this initiative ‘Mission Green Million’. Maruti Suzuki is also the largest car-making company in India. Under the mission, there will be numerous alternatives for the buyers like hybrids, eCars, comprising CNG and so on for a car to come under the category of a ‘green car’, which just means a car which is eco-friendly.

Maruti also revealed that they have already sold 1 million green vehicles following the launch of CNG in 2010 and Smart Hybrid in 2015 within the country.

Kenichi Ayukawa, CEO and Managing Director of Maruti Suzuki was also present at the launch event of the mission at the Auto Expo 2020. He elaborated on the interesting initiative and expressed, “Mission Green Million is our commitment to bring advanced powertrain technologies for the Indian customers. In this mission, ‘Make in India’ will be our core philosophy. S-CNG and Smart Hybrid technologies on Maruti Suzuki cars have seen huge acceptance by customers.”

He is also of the view that the future of the Indian automobile sector is bright and the efforts put by his company will be tech-driven for the electrification of powertrains. Maruti Suzuki’s goal will be to come up with pragmatic results which is accepted by the customer at a major level.

Under the mission, Maruti Suzuki had also launched its concept vehicle known as CONCEPT FUTURO-e, an SUV model that captures company’s vision perfectly in terms of the future of green agility.

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Speaking about FUTURO-e, Ayukawa stated, “CONCEPT FUTURO-E is a design study. It presents possibilities of a new global design language for the SUV segment. The segment has recently seen a tremendous surge in popularity. A coupé styled SUV is a first from Maruti Suzuki stable and we are confident customers will like it.”