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Auto Expo 2020: Hero Cycles And Xiaomi Likely To Work Together

Publish On: 06 Feb, 2020 06:05 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

GREATER NOIDA: Country's top-most bicyle company Hero Cycles would love to join hands with Xiaomi in the near future. Xiaomi is an electronic company based in china, which was discovered in 2010. Pankaj Munjal made the afrementioned statement at this year's 15th Auto Expo. Munjal is the Chairman and Managing Director of Hero Cycles. The company wishes to get assistance from Xiaomi to design their components for its e-cycles.

Xiaomi sells couple of electric bikes and e-cycles in China under various brands like HIMO T1 electric bicycle, Yunbike (foldable bicycles) and Qicycles, among others.

"We are an integrator and procure components from various manufacturers and can also get those from Xiaomi. We can work in synergy with the Chinese company on e-cycles," Munjal told IANS.

Among the major highlights of the bicycle major at the expo are soon-to-be-launched concept bicycles, electric folding bike and an electric fat bike.

Its existing portfolios in the urban e-bike segment under the brand Lectro have products like Townmaster, Glide and E Zephyr.

"We can buy battery management system from Xiaomi. They are good cellphone maker anyway," said Munjal.

Xiaomi last year launched a new electric bicycle called Himo T1 which is the third electric cycle under the Himo brand.

The key highlights of the e-bike are single-button start, multi-function combination switch and a digital display.

Himo T1 packs a 14,000mAh Li-ion battery with a nominal voltage of 48V. The 14Ah option of the cycle can travel up to 60 kms on one charge. The 28Ah version can give up to 120 kms.

"Our competition is with e-cars and people globally are fast shifting from e-cars to e-bikes. We will not call it competition but rather a migration," said Munjal.

According to the company, as it works to fulfill its vision of capturing a 10 per cent share in global electric bicycle manufacturing, Hero Cycles will display a series of upcoming products that highlight a new dimension in the field of the Indian bicycle industry.