Living with Yourself


  23 Sep, 2019


Starring Paul Rudd, Living with Yourself is an upcoming Netflix original series, set to release on 18th October. How would you feel if you had to live with a better version of yourself? If you do not know the answer then Paul Rudd will be answering this question soon.

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The character of Paul Rudd, Miles is struggling and is always unhappy with the things going in his life. He then goes for a spa treatment that promises to make him better. After his visit, he finds out that he is replaced by a better and improved version of himself. He gets intimidated by his own better self. He now has to fight to be in his own life. He needs to fight for his wife, career and for his own identity that is taken over by his other identity.

The series presents to us a unique storyline where a person is threatened by himself only as this other person is slowly establishing his authority over everything that Miles owned and had. Now, Miles, seeing that this other self of his is much better than him, has to devise a plan to have a hold over his own life.


Isn’t it an extraordinary storyline? It is and we would find out more about Miles after the release of the series. The series will comprise eight episodes and each episode will be told from a different perspective. It is directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valarie Faris and written by Emmy award winner Timothy Greenberg.

To find out the interesting answer to what would happen if you live with yourself, stream the episodes of the series once it is released on the 18th of October.

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