03 Oct, 2019


The craziest comic book supervillain has finally hit the theatres in India. The movie that supposedly was going to release in the country on 4th October was preponed to 2nd October making everyone glad as they could make the most of their national holiday. What do we feel about the move? Surely, a master class.

Joker tells the story of the villain with the same name and narrates how a man who aspired to be a stand-up comedian ends up being the deadliest anti-hero of the Cinema. Undoubtedly, Joaquin Phoenix has aced in his performance playing the titular role. But the major talk that is been happening around the film is its violence. The fierceness with which the movie has been shot and dealt with can be seen as irresponsible.


The film puts him in the central role and that is why it focuses deeply on his psyche that can push a man to commit acts of violence and cruelty. Arthur Fleck is a loner who lives in an apartment with his mother who is sick. He feels that his life is miserable and is filled with hard times. His life is full of rejections and embarrassment that ultimately makes him fed up with his life and thus he snaps. He then decides to seek violence as an answer to this cruel world.

Joker is an outstanding portrayal of this villain. The storytelling and execution of all its crafts are solid. The only unsettling thing can be its message what it wants to give to the audience. Is violence an accepted answer for someone who is going through tough times. And it’s not just violence, it is taking violence to some other level. Possibly that the makers have gone a little irresponsible there and we finally understand what international critics were talking about.

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