Housefull 4


  25 Oct, 2019


The franchise of Housefull has always been a hit with the audience and now it is back with its fourth part. The much-awaited comedy flick is finally in the theatres and fans are too excited. 

The trailer dropped on 27th September and since then it has remained the talk of the town. The fourth installment of the comedy series is highly anticipated and is one of the biggest movies of this year. 


The movie deals with two eras; one in the year 1619 and the other in 2019. It is a reincarnation comedy-drama where the characters travel simultaneously between the two eras. Back in 1619, the film shows how the three male leads fall in love with the leading ladies of the movie. Then the story follows in the present day where the same people fall in love again after a gap of 600 years. 

There is a lot of confusion amongst the six main characters about who is whose partner. Akshay’s present character is the one who remembers all the events that happened 600 years ago (LIKE WHAAT?) He then makes it his mission to make all the other characters understand that they are not meeting for the first time; they have met before in the year 1619.

Surely, the movie is an entertaining one but mind you, please leave all your logic behind as only then it will make any sense. How the story unravels and how Akshay’s character makes them believe in the story of reincarnation is the whole plot of the movie.

Acting by each and every member of the cast is amazing but definitely Akshay, as well as Riteish, has topped the list. This part has repaired the damage done by 'Housefull 3' with its absolutely senseless comedy. No, we are not saying that this part would make sense but as compared to the last part, the movie is surely a laughing riot. 

Akshay is back to his comedy antics after three long years (but not as long as 600 years!). Despite what we may say that the movie makes absolutely no sense, we have to agree that we are excited to see Khiladi Kumar’s hilarious performance as he never disappoints us in that.

The movie that became the first one to go for “Promotions on Wheels” was a success and the train in which the cast boarded was named Housefull 4 Express. This Diwali, give yourself some entertainment as the movie is here to tickle your funny bones. Book your tickets now!

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