Between Two Ferns


  25 Sep, 2019


What started as a show is now a Hollywood movie.” Yes! 'Between Two Ferns' that previously was just a talk show hosted by Zach Galifianakis, has now been made into a movie that was released on 20th September. This movie is available on Netflix and if you are a fan of the show then you would like the movie too.

If you have watched the show before then you would be having an idea about the format of the show. Zach interviews several celebrities and in the role of an interviewer, he insults them on their face. The movie also follows the same format with an addition of a storyline. The movie would give you loads of laughter as you watch Zach’s antiques with celebs an how they are lip sealed as they do not know how to react to his insults. These celebrities pretend to have no idea about what they are going to be asked and as they listen to the question, they are literally devoid of any action or words to react to it.


Besides, the movie also features some of the members of Zach’s team and how all of them are in their own struggle in order to live their lives. They are on a road trip to cover the interviews of most of the celebrities. The movie features the obvious two fern plants in between of which Zach and celebrities sit and start their roasting journey.

Have a look at him roasting the very funny Paul Rudd down below :


The cast’s acting is excellent but you may feel that the movie is just an exaggerated version of a five to six minutes episode of the show. The movie is receiving positive reviews as it is a laughter riot. So, do not miss out on this one and stream it on Netflix.


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