The Spy


  26 Sep, 2019


The Spy is an English language French miniseries, released on 6th September on OCS (France) and internationally on Netflix. The series is based on real-life events and on the works of Mossad agent Eli Cohen, who in the early 1960s, went undercover in Syria.

His life also inspired two books and this series is based on The Spy who came from Israel by Uri Dan and Yeshayahu Ben Porat. The story gives the detailing on how Cohen went from an employee in a department store to a spy in Syria. He has been given the assignment to make connections with the people of Syria in order to know what they are planning for Israel. Eli who did not want to be a normal employee at any departmental store quickly took the chance of finally leading a life that he aspired to live. He lied to his wife about his whereabouts and went on living the life of an undercover agent.

Sacha Baron Cohen works in dual identity, one that of another Cohen and one of a fake businessman Kamel who wants to visit Syria for the first time. The main aim of to be a pretend businessman is to get closer to the powerful people of Syria and know what they intend to do with Israel. The show is about how this Israel’s most famous spy works with intelligence and finds out what Syria is planning to do with Israel.

This compelling story based on real-life events adds certain twists and turns that result in a fascinating story. Sacha Baron Cohen is at his dramatic best and his transition from Eli to Kamel is remarkable. Performances of the other cast are solid.  Alexander Siddig is effective as Suidani who suspects everybody’s actions, mainly of Kamel’s.

The miniseries have gained many fanbases and is getting popular with each day. It is highly recommended for all drama lovers.

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