Big Mouth


  05 Oct, 2019


Netflix’s animated comedy show ‘Big Mouth’ is back with its season three. The show can be considered silly but portrays the horrors of puberty, be it one’s first menstruation or an embarrassing erection. The show started as an absurd one but developed into an entertaining comedy.

Season three of ‘Big Mouth’ released this Friday and is a collection of 10 episodes. In this season, the show not only focused on the problems of puberty but also started its storyline to revolve around some challenging teenagers’ issues like friendships, mentality, and academic burden. The season has connectivity to its previous seasons so that any new viewer would want to watch the other seasons as well in order to follow this one. And if you compare all the seasons, you will see how remarkably the characters have grown.


The season also focuses on topics like guys objectifying women and how their masculinity gives them a sense of superiority. Besides, it also has its best story in showing the importance of finding one’s passion. Writers have certainly increased the musical part in the season that varies in its tone each time. The show is able to move from a silly plotline to a serious one quickly.

The central focus remains on the rift between Andrew and Nick that is a result of a number of factors. Therefore, to sum it up, Big Mouth has emerged sharper and stronger than it previously was. What did the show miss? Truly, we wish that the makers would have interconnected the characters so as to come out a little more strong.

In the last episode of the series, writers bring all the plots together where each character gets a superpower, and that power depends on what their inner struggle is. The season ends with a number of cliffhangers for which we have to wait for season 4. As the show has already been renewed for 3 more seasons, we have plenty of time to see the growth of the characters.

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