Bard of Blood


  27 Sep, 2019


The much-awaited Emraan Hashmi starrer, Bard of Blood released today and fans cannot keep calm to watch Hashmi in a never seen before avatar. This recent released led us to find out what major this series has to offer. Bard of Blood is an action spy series that is based on the book The Bard of Blood written by Bilal Siddiqi. 

After Sacred Games, viewers were eagerly waiting for this series and had very high hopes for its success. The reason is not actually Emraan, the real reason because of whom Netflix hoped that it would make quite a mark and behind this was King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan. Yes, SRK has a connection with the series as his production along with Netflix produced this action series. 


The series follows the story of a long quest of Intelligence agent, Kabir Anand who has to give up his teaching after the capture of Four Intelligent agents by the Afghani Taliban. He is accompanied by his team members, an analyst, Isha Khanna, and an undercover agent, Veer Singh. The twist at the end was something that everyone would have guessed and that shows the lack in the writing. 

The series is espionage that deals with several heated moments and would intrigue you to find out what happens next. But to a certain extent, it lacks the power of storytelling and the makers focussed so much on creating anticipation for the second season that it failed to show the right card at the right time. 

The acting is to the point but one might feel bad for the brilliant actors not being able to utilize their full potential. These actors have proved their acting abilities many times but this time, the lack of direction, writing, and execution of ideas, restricted them in certain ways.

The series maintains itself in an average way but if you are a fan of such espionages the Bard of Blood can be a good option for you. 

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