Ujda Chaman


  01 Nov, 2019



After hit flicks like ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2’ and ‘Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety’, Sunny Singh is back with another comedy movie ‘Ujda Chaman’. The bald and beautiful Sunny Singh is essaying the role of Chaman Kohli who faces the issue of premature balding.

Kohli is a 30-year-old Hindi lecturer whose major insecurity is his hairless head. People make fun of him; he gets rejected by girls and several other problems are present in his life due to his baldness. Things get worse when an astrologer predicts that he will remain a bachelor for his entire life if he does not get married before the age of 31. He aims to fly high but his balding issue always slows him down.

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The first half of the movie is entirely based on the major issues that Chaman is facing and out of all those problems, the major one was his inability to find a partner to marry. Then finally in the second half, he gets a girl, Apsara through Tinder. But guess what? She has her own insecurities because of being fat. The storyline seems very predictable and as you go forward, you would have guessed its ending. 

This Abhishek Pathak directorial aimed rightly at showing that beauty lies within but gets into too much of humour that it losts its meaning. Actor Sunny Singh, who seemed promising in Punchnama and Sonu ke Teetu ki Sweety, seemed to be burdened with the responsibility of the movie. Manvi Gangroo seems promising in her character of Apsara but get very little screen space. The only actor who outshined everybody is Saurav Shukla. Shukla even in his two scenes received the maximum amount of laughter and applauds. 

The movie lacked mainly in the writing part. The script did not allow any of the actor to perform something extraordinary and we wished it had some elements which would make us go wow. 

The movie is a remake of Kannada movie 'Ondu Mottaya Kathe' and we have to see how good it would do at the box office. So, if you are planning to go out with your family or friends, you can watch 'Ujda Chaman'. Our recommendation would be to watch this in order to compare it with 'Bala' that seems to have a similar plot. 

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