18 Oct, 2019


The fierce and cruel dark character of Maleficent is back. It released on 18th October and fans are excited to see Angelina Jolie taking over the evil world once again!

The first part of the movie did really well at the box office and now with its second part, Disney would be hoping for greater success. Back in 2014, when the franchise started, the movie collected four times more than its budget.

The movie picks up five years later when Aurora is the Queen of the Moors while Maleficent is the villain because she killed Aurora’s father, King Stefan. Being the evil that she is, Maleficent is perfectly fine with it. The problem arises when Aurora accepts Prince Phillip’s marriage proposal despite her warning. Once hurt in love, Maleficent doesn't want her daughter-like Aurora to make the same mistakes as her. 

The marriage is the only chance that can bring peace between the Moors and the kingdom of Ulstead. But there is a twist in that too! Some unknown being is taking the magical creatures and this can threaten the harmony between the two fairy worlds. Can Maleficent find out about the same and save the day?

In the sequel to 2014’s Maleficent, this movie’s prime motive remains to show the beautiful relationship between mothers and daughters. The highlight of the movie remains the scenes in which Maleficent and Ingrith come together but sadly we did not get to see that enough. It is definitely an improvement but falls short of being a Disney classic.

Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning reprised their characters from the first part as Maleficent and Princess Aurora respectively. Prince Phillip’s character will be played by Harris Dickinson replacing Brenton Thwaites. Michelle Pfeiffer is going to play the character of Ingrith that is introduced for the first time. Explaining her character, she said, “Phillip's been wanting to marry Aurora for a long time, and now I've figured out a way to make this all work towards my master plan. Her sole purpose is to protect her people, and for her, the ends justify the means.”

The movie has themes of love and loss. It also has several magical moments expressing Disney’s own style. So, if you are a Disney fan, do not miss this one!


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